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Tobacco Intervention Project

Smoke-Free Air Is Only Fair!

¡El Aire Puro, Es Seguro!

The Tobacco Intervention Project Orange County (TIP-OC) goal is to reduce exposure to second-hand smoke.  TIP-OC gathers data by studying and polling the community on current environments that allow smoking and expose people to secondhand smoke.

WHO  Restaurants, Mental Health Facilities, Substance Abuse Facilities, Homeless Shelters, Transitional Housing

WHERE  Anaheim, Fullerton, Santa Ana


•Teach restaurant owners and shelter staff the risks and harm of smoking and secondhand smoke

•Train peer educators to gain support of restaurant owners and the community to support smoke-free environments

•Educate the community through local activities about the goals of TIPOC and promote awareness of the dangers of secondhand smoke

•Spread awareness through key informant interviews, press releases, and print advertisements


1.  Smoke-free outdoor dining, bar areas and mobile catering businesses in Anaheim

2.  Voluntary smoke-free policies for 5-10 mental health and substance abuse facilities in Anaheim

3.  Voluntary smoke-free policies for 10-15 homeless shelters and transitional housing locations in the cities of Anaheim, Fullerton, and Santa Ana

If you would like to get involved with this movement to reduce secondhand smoke exposure, please contact Maricela Bravo at (949) 595-2288 Ext. 330