National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence - Orange County

Education Programs

Drunk driving convictions carry several consequences, including fines, jail time, driver's license suspensions, and mandatory alcohol education classes. The duration of the classes depends on the offense and the number of DUI / DWI convictions a driver has had during a 10-year period.

Alcohol education classes can be ordered by either the court or the DMV. Often, a driver whose license was suspended and who wishes to obtain a restricted license must either enroll in or complete alcohol education courses to obtain the restricted license.

Multiple convictions within the 10-year period garner harsher penalties, but if a second arrest occurs more than 10 years after a first offense, it is treated as a first-time DUI.

The standard first-offender alcohol education program requires attendance at one three-hour session for 12 weeks, or approximately 36 hours of coursework. It may be possible to get a restricted driver's license to allow for driving to and from the program.

The standard program for second-offenders is divided into several phases, and typically begins with mandatory attendance at weekly sessions, gradually changing to every other week. Finally, there is a 30-month program for multiple offenders.

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